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I could spin at the Hard Rock Cafe in Rome, Italy!! Click here to download my track and cast your vote for me:

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I just learned that I’ve been accepted into the Hard Rock Rising Virtual Competition on ReverbNation and I’m gonna need your votes to play at the Hard Rock Cafe in Rome, Italy. Voting starts Feb 3. I’M STOKED!!! Stay tuned… . . . . . .

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“Entrepreneurship Support and Class Fund
On 1/16, the Tuesday class I was to teach at a college this semester was cancelled; I’d like to replace the income by offering opportunities for startups.”…

Details below:

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Thank you to everyone who came out to The Hollow last night to ring in the New Year with us!! 2014 is going to be the best year yet!
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NYE Flyer

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When I lived in Missouri through the mid-90s my mind would always wander to one particular place in Albany whenever I’d become homesick: the intersection of Lark St, Madison, and Delaware. There was no particular reason for this since neither my neighborhood nor my college were near here. But this one spot always represented the heart of downtown Albany for me nonetheless. How apropos that my first apartment upon returning to Albany in 1997 would be right on this corner above Oh Bar, in a building with several long-term tenants and thus very few vacancies. This only happened because the timing was right.

I moved away from that apartment when a new relationship I’d developed with Steve turned serious. His house was in my old college neighborhood, ironically enough. Upon that relationship’s end I returned to the apartment-search several times over, and each time I would wish for my old apartment over Oh Bar to open back up. And that time has finally arrived. (One floor down from there actually, but who’s counting?)

I couldn’t be more overjoyed about this new chapter in my life; the move coincides with my going permanent with a company I have been pursuing for the past three years. People say things always happen in clusters! I guess it’s true.

As I look forward into the new year I see a completely different life from what I’ve had over the past five. I don’t know what’s to come but I can’t see anything bad on the horizon, and for the first time in a long time I feel 100% confident that my next step forward will be onto solid ground in friendly territory, both metaphorical and otherwise. Not to get too ‘New Age-ey’ but I believe that each person has certain places on the Earth where their energy will have the most traction, and I’ve always believed that this intersection in Albany is one of mine. And with certain other big goals in mind, which I have been covertly working toward over the past year, I think that 2014 will be my year. Call this my early New Year’s resolution.

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Creative Commons licenses let you keep your copyright AND share your music with your fans at the same time! The latest under-the-hood tweaks are finished and the new licenses are ready to use. Read about it here:




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I came across this article from Mancunion.com, the student newspaper at the University of Manchester in the U.K., citing a ban on EDM events on campus at UMass Amherst. Let me be direct in stating how fucking tired I am of EDM being singled out as a cause of bad behavior on the part of it’s listeners. A vast amount of EDM doesn’t even have any words, thus nothing to promote! UMass should be ashamed of it’s role in misinforming the public through it’s actions regarding what electronic dance music is all about, which is dancing. People who use drugs will do so because they want to, no matter what external stimuli they are exposed to. This crackdown is nothing more than an excuse to flex power just for the sake of doing so. Here is my letter to the Chancellor of UMass for your reading pleasure:

Dear Chancellor Gelaye,

I just finished reading the article linked at the bottom of this letter regarding your recent crackdown on electronic music on your campus, and here are my thoughts as a producer of this genre of music: I am a native of Massachusetts with strong existing ties to the state. In fact, I have a very close niece who recently graduated from your university with honors, of whom I am very proud. My pride, naturally, extended to the school from which she received these honors. However I must retract the last part of that statement with this music-crackdown in mind.

The United States, and Massachusetts in particular, were founded upon radically new ideas of openness and innovation. This idea is fostered in the creation of many new musical styles that the world had never before known. Fans of each new musical style have always had their own vices for which these styles have been blamed, but history has always proven the stereotypes irrelevant in these styles’ value to society. Electronic music is the latest example of this. I would expect resistance to such a new art form, like what I just read about, if your school were in a much more conservative state, not one with the unique heritage that Massachusetts has.

Umass Amherst is now on my list of violators of free expression and the overall public trust thanks to your actions. I will actively educate people about this matter until you reverse your stance on this censorship. And on a more personal level, I will never look upon your institution in the same light that I always have.

Eric Garner aka “Laerlooper”

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Enjoy your Turkey Day everyone!!!

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