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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Licensing Success in Seven Steps: Reverb Artist Shares her Secrets

I’m switching from LiveJournal to WordPress very shortly and plugging this new host into my website, Details will be coming soon.

My track Here’s the Keys has always represented a milestone for me. There was a sound I was going after as I learned to compose and produce music on the computer. I had a good stereo in the car that I had back then and I was constantly training my ear to be sharply tuned to the nuances that make music come to life. The goal with Here’s the Keys was to produce as professional-sounding track as possible with the equipment and software I had, complete with traditional instrument sounds and a strong emotional ebb and flow throughout the song.

Piano was a natural choice.and I was still madly in love with the trance genre. To tie the whole thing together I used a lot of electronic sounds from the new Sytrus software synthesizer I had just bought. The first thing I wrote was the main piano melody and the rest of the song took shape around that. Over the years as I experimented with different genres and approaches to writing a track, I would always reference Here’s the Keys as far as depth of melody. I sort-of cosider it my masterpiece to date.

I always thought about writing a refrain to Here’s the Keys, perhaps using the same melody but with breakbeat syncopation or an additional melody. I even began playing around and creating a file for Here’s the Keys Pt 2 in my project library. But a part 2 never did take shape until I finally grasped how live pa works in Ableton Live. It was like the day I finally learned to ride a bike. Mind you that I’d purchased Ableton years prior and strictly used it for DJ mixing and digitizing my vinyl collection. So on the day when I figured out live pa, the first loops I went to were the piano loops from Here’s the Keys and then I started to play around with swapping out beats from 4-on-the-floor to breakbeat and back again. Then for fun I plugged in the melody loop from another unfinished project that never went far enough to get named, so I just stuck with the number 14 for it since I number my projects sequentially and this one just happen to be the fourteenth one. Holy cow! That sounds beautiful overlaying Here’s the Keys! Who knew??

So I practiced live pa at home quietly without making any big announcements as I got comfortable enough with how it works. Meanwhile I get the message that timeslots were open for The Sound of Now on WRPI for summer of last year, and I was warming up to the idea of playing a track of mine on the air at the behest of Felix. So I decided I’d slip one track in. Then I got to thinking about it and I mustered enough courage to perhaps play an entire set of nothing but my own music. Then I had a flash and I thought, why don’t I throw some live pa in there?? And so it was…

On July 15, 2011 at approximately 9:20pm I made my world debut in live pa as I performed Here’s the Keys Pt 2 for the first time before a live radio and internet audience. I was nervous as hell but once I got going I put myself back into the headspace I was in at home when I finally got it right. And so it happened.

Anyone who is familiar with the Grateful Dead knows about their song “Space” which is basically just a big live jam session in the middle of the concert that never comes out quite the same way twice. Here’s the Keys Pt 2 is my answer to that; I will only perform the song live and chances are it will never sound the same way twice. I consider all of my songs to be my babies as I put a lot of time and effort into each and every one and each one, like Here’s the Keys, represents a new milestone in my musical development. Now Here’s the Keys Pt 2 is my special favorite since, as a live-only song, it needs me in order to be, just like any special live performance. Long live live music!!


It's why we DON'T sell ice chests to Eskimos:

Why Context Is King in the Future of Digital Marketing

It’s time for me to start showing some attention to my internet marketing initiatives beyond Facebook. Indeed I have had a web presence predating Facebook by years and googling ‘Laerlooper’ brings up tons of stuff going all the way back to 2001. I built a website two years ago to act as a one-stop repository of all my online goodies and I’ve spent countless hours on Facebook bringing attention to all this stuff. The time has come, as I knew it would, to end my concentration on the Facebook platform and to start really using *all* of the marketing tools I have at my disposal. Here’s a link to my blog: Subscribe to it if you haven’t already. Also here is my ReverbNation page, the heart of my whole music career: My podcast, the New York/New England Regional EDM Showcase, can be found at with hours and hours of high-quality indie electronica and this will prove to be a big year for the show! Please stand by….there’s waaaay more to come!

I just shook my head when I first read that Whitney Houston had passed away. Just to make sure I wasn’t falling for some hoax news site like The Onion I quickly hopped over to Facebook to look for any mention of it and there was nothing. So this either was a hoax or it had just happened. In any case I cautiously posted the news and link on Facebook, and within that time the news began to trickle onto Facebook from elsewhere and I knew it was for real. Jesus….

Whitney’s music meant something different to everyone and whether you liked her or not, there’s probably at least one song of hers that’s attached to some key memory in your life. So it seems a little funny for me to say that she died young when I can look in the mirror and see patches of white developing in my beard, a sure sign that I myself am no longer young. But when I was young Whitney was just getting discovered and hitting her stride. Indeed from that point on she became part of my life’s soundtrack, being there through the years of my growing up with what seemed like a new song for every major turning point.

Today was the day of Whitney Houston’s funeral but I didn’t watch it. Though she is unquestionably among the greatest names ever in music, I didn’t need to see an extravagant star-studded display to know how I should feel on this sad day. I just wish that maybe an angel in heaven might grab her ear sometime and let her know that there’s a little piece of her in everything I do. God bless Whitney Houston.

Today I received my notification from the US Patent and Trademark Office that I now own the trademark to the name Laerlooper®. WooHoo!!! This is significant because band and musician names are becoming a scarce commodity. It's what I called myself in local electronic music forums during the early days of my music-writing. Many of my friends in the electronic dance scene around Albany still recognize the name so it stands to reason along with the fact that a Google search of the name gives me an awesome online footprint spanning the past 11 years. I'm psyched!!