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I’m pleased to announce a special edition of the Commute-Size Mixes series on the New York/New England Regional EDM Showcase…my live April 27 appearance on The Sound of Now with DJ Scooter on WRPI-FM 91.5 Troy featured some favorite tracks from the podcast as well as some live-pa work by me on the air. It is my pleasure to provide the independent, Creative Commons-licensed tracks so graciously made available by their creators with some much-deserved radio airplay. WRPI provided a studio recording of the show and I am making it available as a special edition of the New York/New England Regional EDM Showcase: Commute-Size Mixes Vol. XIV. My original music starts at 22 minutes and 53 seconds in, and my live performance of Here’s the Keys Pt. 2 begins at 28:25. The complete tracklist and CC-licensing links are available at the PodOMatic page for the podcast at: So here it is if you couldn’t tune in on the night of the studio appearance. And check out the hours and hours of additional mixes on the New York / New England Regional EDM Showcase while you’re there, always free!!

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